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About Natural HR

We’re dedicated to understanding your unique needs and challenges, offering tailored HR and Payroll solutions that drive efficiency, boost employee satisfaction, and enhance overall business growth. But that’s not all…

Natural HR introduces new and improved payroll software after Moorepay acquisition

Our success, is your success

It’s often hard to tell the difference between one HR software platform and another, so what makes Natural HR different?

We believe you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all solution that you have to work out for yourself.

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For us, it’s not just about providing you with great software, it’s about helping you get the most out of our system from day one.

Our passion lies not in selling software, but in seeing you succeed. That’s why we have a friendly and approachable customer success team dedicated to helping you hit the ground running – providing initial set-up help, ongoing training and technical support throughout your HR software journey.

And unlike all those off-the-shelf systems, we give you the flexibility to get the system working the way you want it – helping you take advantage of new features as and when you need to.

Our history

Natural HR was born in 2010 out of an internal requirement for an online employee management system – specifically one that could help us manage remote employees who needed to submit timesheets every week.

Despite much searching, we were unable to find a reliable, low-cost, UK-based HR software provide to fit the bill – finding only overpriced offerings predominantly based overseas which often required a Masters to install and understand.

So, we decided to develop a custom application for our own use. And on speaking to other business owners and HR professionals, it quickly
became apparent that others could benefit from our solution too.

Ever since those early days, we’ve been steadily building a comprehensive suite of functionality that equips the small to medium-sized business
with everything it needs for an effective and efficient HR operation. But we’re not stopping there!

We continue to evolve our software today, in full collaboration with our customers. Not only does this mean you can directly input into our product roadmap, more importantly, it means you’ll have an HR system that grows as your business does.

Moorepay and Natural HR - together you can expect complete Payroll and HR software

HR and Payroll, complete

Natural HR has been acquired by Moorepay, a member of the Zellis Group. As market leaders in payroll and HR software and services, this collaboration means we can now offer you a truly complete solution for all your payroll and HR needs.

With our combined expertise and innovative technology, we’re committed to taking your HR experience to the next level.  From seamless payroll processing to advanced HR management tools, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

We’re here to support you and make your HR journey smoother than ever before. Ready to revolutionize your payroll and HR experience? Reach out to us today.

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We are Natural HR. We have users in 1,352 cities.

Natural HR - HR Software
“We know training is an important consideration when looking to implement a system across the business, which is why we’ve created video guides to follow on from the training we provide during the implementation stage. Whether you’re an employee, line manager or HR, we’ve got it covered!”
James Hill, Customer Success at Natural HR