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Absence Management Software

Tackle the heart of employee absenteeism before it becomes a problem with our advanced absence tracking system.

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Software to manage every kind of absence

Take control of employee absenteeism

Centered in the cloud, Natural HR’s absence management system allows you to take control of every kind of absence with ease, to better understand absence records and identify patterns, set to resolve and reduce employee absenteeism.

  • Easily track and monitor any type of absence
  • Generate Bradford factor scores for all employees
  • Improve core processes with intuitive return to work forms

Identify leave-related trends

Accurate data, built for precise decision making

Gain a deeper understanding of employee absences by analysing data relating to all types of absences and holiday entitlement. Our leave management software enables you to identify any leave-related trends or issues before it becomes a workplace problem.

  • Access data like never before with unique and authoritative reports
  • Root out employee absenteeism by viewing absence trends
  • Automatically calculate employee leave entitlements
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Relinquish the admin burden

01. Regain your time

With the absence tracking system, you have the ability to manage every kind of employee absenteeism, leaving you with room to drastically reduce administrative overheads and focus on what matters most to you.

Be in the know

02. A complete overview

With self-service, your team has full transparency over leave requests enabling you to keep a clear snapshot of employee attendance relating to sickness, holidays and training via the company calendar.

All the information you need

03. Assess the situation

Dive deeper into the background of the absence and facilitate an employee’s return to work with concise forms.

Absence Management FAQs

What is absence management?

Absence management (or leave management) is an employer’s approach — via policies, procedures or programs — to reduce employee absenteeism, avoid workforce disruption and maximize employee productivity. It also involves managing an employee’s absence when they take either paid, unpaid or medical leave.

How should employees be reporting their absence?

Employees must report their illness with as much notice as possible before starting work. Although sometimes, this is not possible.

To support your employees, your business should have a specific policy in employee contracts or handbooks setting a deadline and designated person members of staff should call when they are sick.

How should you deal with medical appointments?

This should be set out in your handbook and contracts of employment. From an employee perspective, you are legally obliged to allow staff time off work to visit the GP or dentist. However, you can request that employees attend these appointments outside work hours, take annual leave or make the time up later.

When do employees need to present you with a medical note from their GP?

If an employee is ill for seven calendar days or more (Not working days), they will need to supply a GP’s fit note as evidence of their illness. For seven days or fewer absences, staff members can self-certify, and employers may ask employees to complete a self-certification form on their return to work.

When is an employee entitled to sick pay?

Those employed, earning at least £113 a week and who have been off work for four consecutive days are entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP). The current rate of SSP (March 2021) is £96.35 per week and can be paid for up to a maximum of 28 weeks for the days employees usually work. It is up to employers whether they pay more than the legally required SSP rate and should be set out in contracts.

Should I be contacting employees during sick leave?

No rule says an employer cannot contact an employee during a period of sick leave. Good business practice is to seek to agree on a level of contact during sick leave that is acceptable to both parties.

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