Torksleeve M


                        Significant Benefit

  •  A compact, light weight design                - Mounts over flats
  •  Easy mounting/dismounting                   - Low cost
  •  Infinite axial/radial positioning             - Reusable

 Product Certification



 No additional locking

devices - free turning


  Two sets of 1/2 “ diameter nuts and bolts (our A-lock) were supplied to independent Laboratory  for the vibration test.  One set was made from 18-8 stainless steel and one set was made from low carbon steel.  The steel bar (6.0” long x 1.0” wide x ½” thick) was attached at one end to a shaker arm, end other end of the bar was free hanging (see fig.).  The nut was torqued to 45 ft/lb.
The duration of the random vibration test was one hour for each X, Y and Z axis, and subjected to a frequency ranging from 20 to 2000 Hz as shown in the data sheet below.
The test results showed no visual anomalies noted on units.  The certification was issued per specification
MIL-STD-810D, Meth. 514.3, Proc. 1 Cat. 4

 No additional locking

devices - free turning

Asymmetric Fasteners Inc.

 The most elegant fasteners for mounting keyless

 gears, pulleys, sprockets onto a shaft

   New sleeve technology for mounting pulleys, gears or sprockets onto a keyless shaft.

We offer self locking vibration resistant nut and bolts

 Our patented self locking vibration resistant bolts and nuts uses asymmetric threads to self lock.


 Our Products

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 Mounts keyless

pulleys, gears on shaft


The Torksleeve fastener is a low-cost patented keyless shaft locking device that produces accurate and concentric mounting, offers uniform locking pressure and easy mounting.  Torksleeve is available in three different styles.  A mechanism designer can select the style best suited for the application.


Torksleeve A 2

 Locks in any position

on bolt or threaded shaft


Our goal at Asymmetric Fasteners is to provide state of the art fasteners that combine vibration resistance and self-locking technology with uncomplicated installation.

By design, AFI delivers self locking, vibration resistant nuts and bolts that do not require additional locking components, simplifying installation and creating cost effective solution for fastening needs, all without sacrificing reliability and effectiveness.

 Single sleeve

high torque transfer

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 The clamp load for critical or special application should be determined experimentally.

Torksleeve A

A compact, light weight Torksleeve mounts gears, pulleys, sprockets onto a keyless shaft.  Infinite adjustment

 Excellent for mounting

hubless pulleys, gears