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A breakthrough in thread design introduced in 1995 has led to the development of fasteners featuring a two-part design that is the SIMPLEST, most RELIABLE, and ELEGANT way to mount gears, sprockets, pulleys, and bearings onto keyless shafts.



Alternative method to solve fastening problem is our single part S-Locknut.
All steel construction, free spinning and self-locking withstand high temperatures and are easy to apply saving time in assembly and maintenance. The continuous-line contact spreads the clamp force evenly over all engaged threads, eliminating gap between the crest of the threads thus  eliminating vibrational loosening, 

The standard industrial nut/bolt fasteners account for a high number of failures due to loosening, and can have disastrous financial consequences.  In addition, fastener failure cost industry loss of production during down time.

Torksleeve M

Torksleeve A TSA and TSA 3 Series delivers a zero-backlash frictional connection that will accommodate high-torque and thrust, loads. Their shallow, asymmetric thread design maintains excellent concentricity.
All AFI locking devices operate using the simple wedge principle. An axial force is applied- by either a hex nut or a series of annular screws to engage inner and outer sleeves with mating asymmetric threads. The resulting wedge action creates a radial force on the sleeves, one of which contracts to squeeze the shaft while the other expands and presses into the component bore. 

The Torksleeve TSLock and TSLock 2 is a single cylindrical sleeve whose exterior is threaded with our patented asymmetric thread and works with component where its bore is threaded with standard 60 degrees threads forming as an integral part of a component.  Also, section of the sleeve is threaded with fine threads to receive nut needed to increase clamping force.



D-locknut’s high locking force assures reliable fastening, protecting companies from loss of productivity and preventing injuries or damage to equipment. The locking nut has the asymmetric thread on the inside and screws onto the neck of the slotted nut. This assembly can then be easily screwed onto a standard bolt or threaded bars.

Torksleeve A

Torksleeve A 3

The self-locking V-Bolt was designed to address the constant challenge of eliminating vibrational loosening of bolts in a simple fashion without the need of additional hardware or non-metal inserts.   A new class of fasteners delivers simplicity in design and reliable self locking. The V-Bolt spins freely until clamp load is applied. 


 A SUPERIOR WAY TO FASTEN ROTATING COMPONENTS. Surpassing  because of its simplicity,

      New sleeve technology for mounting pulleys, gears or sprockets onto a keyless shaft.

We offer self locking vibration resistant nuts and bolts

 TSLock 2

TSB Sleeves work by tightening the components between the inner and outer hex head sleeves of the TSB . When threading together the outer sleeve expands and the inner one contracts to hold the component together with the shaft. 

 No additional locking

devices - free turning

 No additional locking

devices - free turning

Torksleeve B

 The most elegant fasteners for mounting keyless components onto a shaft


  Two sets of 1/2 “ diameter nuts and bolts (our A-lock) were supplied to independent Laboratory  for the vibration test.  One set was made from 18-8 stainless steel and one set was made from low carbon steel.  The steel bar (6.0” long x 1.0” wide x ½” thick) was attached at one end to a shaker arm, end other end of the bar was free hanging (see fig.).  The nut was torqued to 45 ft/lb.
The duration of the random vibration test was one hour for each X, Y and Z axis, and subjected to a frequency ranging from 20 to 2000 Hz as shown in the data sheet below.
The test results showed no visual anomalies noted on units.  The certification was issued per specification
MIL-STD-810D, Meth. 514.3, Proc. 1 Cat. 4

 The clamp load for critical or special application should be determined experimentally.

Asymmetric Fasteners Inc.





 Locks in any position

on bolt or threaded shaft

 This simple two-piece fasteners consists of a slotted sleeve and a nut.  As the nut is tightened against  a component (gear, pulley, etc), an axial force clamps the component against the sleeve's hex head while a simultaneous radial force clamps the slotted sleeve into the shaft. The concave configuration of the sleeve's hex head makes a dent (depression) in the component securing the component in place.    

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